Monday, 20 June 2011

Dinosaurs launch party audio free download

It took 10 months but you can download all 9 tracks from the Dinosaurs launch party for free from the Bandcamp, and Reverbnation widgets below. This is in highest to lowest order of quality, but I recommend downloading all of them, that way I get boosted in the Reverbnation charts (#2 for Rock in Wellington! Less good for Rock in NZ...) and I get some money from (perhaps a penny to add to my £0.02 earnings so far). Did you know the scrobbler also finds out you're playing my songs and tells the internet that I'm cool?

If you wish to watch the live tracks in the form of a moving visual Youtube thing, you can also see the whole set in a 9-video playlist (also below) thanks to the mad filming skillz of @hoccusfoccus.

(Okay don't appear to have a download widget. But I highly recommend visiting and downloading from their webby site.)

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