Friday, 12 August 2011

Flashes: Throne Room

Another petrol bomb crashed through the high windows of the throne room, spewing flames up the wall and over another mighty tapestry. A couple of half-bricks quickly followed. The mob outside howled and raged.

‘Well, looks like Virnio really messed things up,’ said Elizaveta, looking down at the sprawled body in magisterial robes. They were surrounded by naked concubines, also dead. A ridiculous, unhealthy grin was fixed on the dead man’s face; he’d at least had the foresight to lace his poison with some enjoyable drugs.

‘How do you screw up your own world?’ Baxter shook his head. ‘It was his world. He could have just made things go away.’

Elizaveta shrugged. ‘We’ve seen it before. People don’t take precautions, lose their Lodestone, then realise they can’t control things.’ A slingshot whipped straight past her ear, flicking up her blue hair. The fire was spreading to the thick red carpet. ‘We should probably go.’

‘Sure. Who’s next on the list? Got the co-ordinates?’

She narrowed her eyes, and smiled. ‘I have a friend.’ She raised her hand, and drew an oval of light in the air. With a snap of her fingers, water began gushing into the room with great force.

Baxter rolled his eyes. ‘An ocean world? You’re kidding, right?’

Elizaveta just laughed. ‘Hope you brought your scuba gear!’

When the mob crashed through the mighty throne room doors, they just found a room full of bodies, floating in water already a foot deep.

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