Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Ahoy. I've been away from the blog a little while - partly because dlvr.it has been failing at delivering my posts to Facebook and Twitter and I've been avoiding it, but also because I've just had lots and lots of stuff on. (Music video, single recording, extra-curricular work, hosting open mic, applying for jobs, other job stuff, real work, the list goes on.)

There's plenty of things I could and perhaps should have been blogging about: the Libyan conflict and the "fall" of Tripoli, the global economy and our leaders' bewildering inability to stabilise it, and of course the 10th anniversary of the most spectacular terrorist attacks ever. (On the latter, I do feel as I've made my point to the world several times - basically the morals of the story are, a) let's try and respect the dead of all wars, bombings, dictators and disasters equally, and b) we should fight extremism, whatever forms it takes.)

For now though, it's my 28th birthday - all 35hrs of it, from midnight NZ to midnight UK. I'm a bit miffed that I managed to fall sick, or "crook" as the Kiwis say, on my actual birthday, but apart from that everything is rather peachy. A huge thank you to all my friends & family who've been nice to me today.

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