Tuesday, 11 October 2011

And that was a single launch.

This blog is essentially a vast list of thank yous to wonderful people.

I don't think the word "symmetry" covers things that come in threes, but to hell with it, there was a sense of symmetry with the SUNSHINE single launch on Saturday. I fly off to the UK soon, with 3 years in NZ under my belt and not a huge amount of certainty what happens after that, so it felt especially good to have a 3rd single launch party, playing with the same 3 guys, with a huge bunch of friends, at Bar Medusa.

Here is a list of thank yous in no particular order (with helpful titles)

Tod, Gareth and Danny are 3 legendary fellows and I love them very much. Once again they stepped up to play a gig with me for little more than a case of Double Brown and the promise of a sweaty hug onstage. Without fail they played like the blinding musicians they are, and without them this gig would not have happened. Cheers guys.
Most of the time they play in an amazing band called "Throw It To The Fire" - think indie-jazz-rock you can dance to, played by Eddie Vedder/Queen, and you're somewhere close. Worth clicking like on Facebook and also hanging out for their awesome debut EP in the pipeline.


The Lucid Effect is more of a human being called Declan than an effect, and what a wonderful musician he is. I once considered looping and abandoned the idea on the grounds that you can't create full flowing songs with it, then I met this guy and he absolutely trashes that concept to the ground. See him, hear him, enjoy him aurally.

Snap Crackle & Pop are like pop, rock and punk all mixed together, except unlike Blink182 they have the rights bits of each one. It was a pleasure to have them on the bill and play a full-on hydraulic pumping set of noise-rock-dance-tunes. Catch them soon.

Then of course there is Sophie and the Realistic Expectations. These intrepid musical bastards are colleagues and friends in the world of Wellington music and it's startingly awesome to have them play - not just one set, but a 2nd at the end of the evening. Despite thinking I'd trashed my lungs in our set, somehow I found them again to scream along the high notes of "Tenderness" and was even ordered up onstage to sing the 2nd verse of "Easy". All I wanted to do was show I knew the second verse!

Just as he did at the Lighthouses launch party, our friend Jay manned the webcam without question the entire night, checking & tweaking, ensuring everything was going out live on the interwebs. I first got the idea for doing this after watching The Library Suits playing at Barhouse (now Hooga) in Chelmsford, Essex, while sitting in bed with breakfast here in Wellington. I genuinely believe this is part of the future of live music. If or how there's any money in it, and whether or not it will be venues or bands, I cannot say. But we have the technology, kids, to let people all over the world watch awesome live rock music, and I think it's awesome. Without Jay, our friends and family in UK, around NZ and all over the world (well, not sure if anyone was watching on the US East coast at 6am, but still...) would not have been able to watch it online - thank you so much sir.

Veli (@HoccusFoccus) is a tall Finnish chap who is responsible for recording every single song from both previous launch parties, and now for recording footage from this launch party as well. One of the biggest things I regret about my former band F451 is not getting enough live footage as a record to show what we were like and how much we rocked (there is one video here, actually). It's much easier now, with every camera having some kind of video mode (as my friends know full well!), but there is still no substitute for quality and Veli is a master at what he does. I can't promise when, but at some point in the next few weeks, live clips from this gig will be going up on the interweb - hopefully all 12 tracks - so keep an eye out, and thank you once again Veli.

Tamara is a legend who puts 6000% of herself into this little music venue and has made it the awesome place that it is. Tamara's put up with my nonsense for ages and was kind enough to give me a Saturday night for the launch. Go there, enjoy live bands, support Tamara and the bar by drinking vast amounts, and order a Flaming Moe. Just avoid the Jager, or you might end up on the bar grinding like a no-good hooker. Unless of course you like that kind of thing. Cheers Tam.

Charlie is a wicked sound guy, and put up with us having 4 completely different bands with completely different needs in 1 night and mixed everyone perfectly. I even asked for 6000 fucktonnes of myself in the monitors - like any self-respecting egotistical singer would - and to my absolute surprise he actually found it. Very talented man and legend.

Along with those Holograms, I now am bandmates with this wonderful girl who wrote the magical song "Winter Boyfriend" without being a singer or playing an instrument. Chiara spent about 89 hours cutting out dinosaur decorations for me and even, when I was stressed out and cried "My kingdom for a shoulder rub!", helped me out knowing full well I don't have a kingdom or even any kind of real estate at all. Expect magical musical things from this awesome wonderful lady.

It was a party, and lo, did the wonderful Bex provide awesome face painting. I wanted face painting and I'd totally do it again!

Once again I put out the call for cake, and once again the Knights of Baking came to the rescue - huge thanks to all of you guys, particularly Ms. Hilaire and (again) Chiaratown for her death-by-mocha cake. I am indebted to you, knights.

...and I guess everyone else, but I'll be honest - I spent an ungodly amount of money on posters for this night, and as far as I know, they didn't actually bring anyone. Which may be dispiriting to some, until you think about this: the entire crowd was made up of people I know who had told other people I know and who were singing and dancing and jumping around with people I know. So I don't think I am any more famous in Wellington than I was and I don't think I gained any new fans from the night, but I did spend one of my most enjoyable gigs ever with people I care about and who apparently care about me, which is WAY awesome.

There is another person and group of people I would like to thank on here, but I can't - because the music video for SUNSHINE is not quite finished yet, and it is not out. But it will be soon. Friends & chums, you'll get a note about a (probably low-key) premiere in the next week or so, everyone else watch this space and you might be able to catch it live on the internet. Rest assured people, you will get a shout out!

Anyway I think that's about all for this blog post, sorry if I missed anyone. What a great night. If any of you would like to do me a favour, download the track free and tell your friends to download it too. Making money from my music isn't important to me, but I do like people to hear it.

Until next time, you sexy sexy people.


Image pinched from Ed's Twitter stream. Hope he doesn't mind. Thanks Ed!


  1. Wonderful job, wonderful gig, wonderful songs. I'm happy I was in New Zealand for your launch!