Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Damn you Rena for delaying my music video

Oil spills are never fun, and the only good use the wreck of the Rena might have is possibly to deter more deep sea drilling which the current NZ governing party National are so keen on. Hopefully the scars on some of the world's most pristine, magazine-cover beaches in the Bay of Plenty will mean public outcry to any planned deep sea drilling in NZ is that much louder.

However, after the single launch last Saturday and my previous blog post, I am sad to say that the music video premiere has had to be postponed until probably early December.

You may remember in the Lighthouses music video, we all got to go in an actual lighthouse - this was down to our good friends working at Maritime NZ and very kindly borrowing the keys. Totally awesome.

Less awesome is that now some idiot crashed a tanker on a well-known reef, one of those friends has been called up to help out with the oil spill situation up North, and they are a key person on the Sunshine music video which is not finished yet. To them I say go forth, help save New Zealand!

Hopefully with the aid of modern technology we can finish it while I'm in the UK, meaning that when I get back to NZ late November, it'll be polished and perfect and fit for a premiere.

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