Monday, 3 October 2011

International webcast times for #sunshinesingle

It gives me great pleasure in these modern electronic times to broadcast this here SUNSHINE single launch at Bar Medusa, Wellington Saturday 8th October to the whole world via the internet.

Whether you live in the UK, Australia, US West coast, or even just somewhere else in New Zealand and would like to watch the gig, below are the line-up times for a few popular time zones: NZ, UK, AUS, US West + East coasts, Japan, India. Don't worry - I've worked out summer times so you don't have to!

Just go to and, all going to plan, it should be streaming live on there. I'll also post a player here on the blog on the night.

ALL times are for Saturday 8th October. How con-weee-nient!

New Zealand NZDST (UTC +13) - Evening

8:30pm DOORS
8:45pm The Lucid Effect
9:25pm Sophie & The Realistic Expectations
10:10pm Snap Crackle & Pop
11:00pm Jez Kemp & Holograms

British Summer Time BST (UTC +1) - Morning

8:30am DOORS
8:45am The Lucid Effect
9:25am Sophie & The Realistic Expectations
10:10am Snap Crackle & Pop
11:00am Jez Kemp & Holograms

Australian Eastern Summer Time (UTC +11) - Early evening6:30am DOORS
6:45am The Lucid Effect
7:25am Sophie & The Realistic Expectations
8:10am Snap Crackle & Pop
9:00am Jez Kemp & Holograms

European Summer Time CEST (UTC +2) - Late morning

9:30am DOORS
9:45am The Lucid Effect
10:25am Sophie & The Realistic Expectations
11:10am Snap Crackle & Pop
12:00pm Jez Kemp & Holograms

US Summer Time – West Coast (UTC -7) - Middle of the night before/very early morning12:30am DOORS
12:45am The Lucid Effect
1:25am Sophie & The Realistic Expectations
2:10am Snap Crackle & Pop
3:00am Jez Kemp & Holograms

US Summer Time – East Coast (UTC -4) - Very early morning

3:30am DOORS
3:45am The Lucid Effect
4:25am Sophie & The Realistic Expectations
5:10am Snap Crackle & Pop
6:00am Jez Kemp & Holograms

Japan Standard Time (UTC +9) - Late afternoon

4:30pm DOORS
4:45pm The Lucid Effect
5:25pm Sophie & The Realistic Expectations
6:10pm Snap Crackle & Pop
7:00pm Jez Kemp & Holograms

India Standard Time (UTC +5.5) - Early afternoon

1:00pm DOORS
1:15pm The Lucid Effect
1:55pm Sophie & The Realistic Expectations
2:40pm Snap Crackle & Pop
3:30pm Jez Kemp & Holograms

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