Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Why I'm proud of "Sunshine"

The recorded song "Sunshine" is finally here. It has light, power, energy and space.

I am sitting here 3 days out from the Sunshine single launch party, worrying this and that and the other: about finishing the b-side "It's Not The Wine...", about getting decorations sorted, about buying things I need for the night, about why I haven't done enough promotion, about why I haven't worked hard enough on anything, etc. etc. So I thought I would take a (short) break from worrying and write about why I am very proud of this song that I have recorded and what I like about it.
  • Drums - There is no real substitute for recording real drums played by a real drummer, but I feel I've the drums on Sunshine are my best yet. In an ideal world I would have a whole day in a studio with Jon from The Library Suits or Tod from Throw It To The Fire pounding the crap out of an awesome kit, and get Neak Menter to record and produce it all. However, back in the real world of getting stuff done in a solo project, I've spent time and energy tweaking almost every single one of those drums hits to make it sound fresh, dynamic and powerful. (Well, I may have pinched some of the instrumental fills from Dinosaurs. But they still sound great.) I think I've done a good job.
  • Bass - The basslines in the verse and the chorus are two of my favourite basslines I've ever written. There are flicks and riffs and chunky progressions. There is funk, and soul, and life. Those high notes in the chorus are one of the best parts of the whole song.
  • I've used all the tricks I've learnt from producing music in the last 2 years (with some good advice from good friends) - from manually plotting the pitch to make those weird noises in the musical breaks (stuff you can hear back in "Without Fear"), to adding that awesome spaced-out synth in the post-chorus, to using EQ and compression to master the track so that it sounds loud enough and acceptable enough on anything from a large 70s stereo to an mp3 player headphones. Real producers and people who know music will be shaking their heads but this is my best effort so far and I like it.
  • Backing vocals - this song has the awesome backing vocals of Tod Robertson and Danny Droutsos (from Throw It To The Fire) and Chiara LaRotonda (@allchiara and singer of "Winter Boyfriend") and it sounds amazing. Those choruses are meant to sound massive, and - particularly with that harmony provided by Chiara - these good people make something that I never could or would have on my own. Cheers guys.
  • It is an EPIC POP SONG. Seriously, it's 5mins long, and while it's not quite the Lord Of The Rings of indie-rock, it's big and complicated enough that despite being one of my most radio-friendly songs, it would never be played on the radio even if I was bothered enough to try. And I like that. This song is not original, but it is individual. It is bold and big and fun and ridiculous and catchy and it is mine.
Right. Time to stop being emo, get some sleep, and get shit done in 72 hours. Challenge Anneka anyone?

The song is available for free/pay-as-you-like download this Saturday 8th October 2011 (NZ evening time). But you can hit that share button, if you like the song, any time you like.


  1. You do realise one of the bands who are opening for you on Saturday, and is a huge fan of yours, works at a radio station right? Totally could get this on the air. (And actually Tony and I played your stuff a lot on our show, so there :P)

    The song is Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Top notch. Bangin'. Radankulous. Spiffing. And freakin' awesome.

  2. This is such a choice song and I can't tell you how proud I am to have a bitty itty part in it. Theresa and I were singing the chorus to each other tonight as we filled our hot water bottles :) and I will look forward to singing the harmony extra super loud from the audience on Saturday!