Monday, 26 December 2011

Blogposts to come, but right now, I'm on holiday

And a happy winter/summer festival to you, sir/madam/Cousin It. Hope you are well and this year has been good to you. It's around this time I do my contemplative look back at the year and sign off, etc. etc. However right now I'm in stage 1 of a 3-part holiday - so blogposts like "2011 - what was that all about then?", "Projects I have lined up for 2012" and "Summer Christmas & New Year - Benefits and Drawbacks" will have to wait until I get back to windy Wellington in January. This year has been quite stressful, and the last 4 weeks especially so, so I am making it Holiday Priority Number 1 to chill the hell out. Maybe I can poach a massage off someone. Wherever you are and whatever season it is, I hope you're well and wish you a happy 2012. May the world not end like the Mayans may or may not have predicted; may the Olympics not be nearly as annoying as they promise to be; and may Christchurch finally see the end of these motherfucking quakes on this motherfucking plain. Ta ra for now Jezmarelda

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