Thursday, 1 December 2011

Wellington, Parallels & Feeling Good

The last week and a bit has had a surreal feel to it. Coming back to Wellington felt amazing, partly because I was coming back to the city I know, and my friends, and my flat and my flatmates, and the life I've set up here.

The only real difference is that I've got a job ready and waiting for me, and this week has been very busy. There is a lot to do, but it's fantastic not only to have a job at this time of year (when the entire country is shutting down for summer, and work is very hard to come by), it's great to be at a job where I have colleagues who I know and who know me.

Yet all this has, weirdly, given me a sense of deja vu. 3 years ago I arrived in Wellington in the spring time with a general election, and here I am now, back in Welly, in the spring, with an election. And having a job now gives me the same sense of optimism as when I first arrived full of hope and expectation. National is still in power, the Eurozone is breaking up, the world economy is in the toilet - but somehow things seem okay. Life seems okay.

I feel pretty good.

So here is to hope, and Wellington, and the coming summer, and friends and whanau (family) on both sides of the world.

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  1. It's lovely to read that, particularly after all the trials and tribulations you went through to make it back to NZ.

    I hope the visa situation resolves itself during the next year. From one in-limbo person to another: I salute you!