Thursday, 12 January 2012

AUDIOBOOK: Jesus and the All-Stars Episode 1

From the realms of "so awful it's awesome", here is my first audiobook - Jesus and the All-Stars Episode 1: Massive Squid Attack! All writing, bad recording and terrible voices are done by me.

Download the audiobook free at Bandcamp and Reverbnation (for free)
Read the short story here:

Yes, this is a short comedy story starring Jesus, Mohammed, David, Buddha and Vishnu fighting crime and saving the planet. In a spaceship!

If I wasn't already fearing for my life by painting Mohammed in an amusing light*, I really should be shot** for the awful impressions and accents in this audiobook.

*‘Yeah man,’ agreed Buddha, ‘even Mohammed wears his seatbelt, and he’s the most uptight guy ever.’
‘Yes!’ declared Mohammed. ‘I dislike your derogatory remarks and I may behead you later, but your support for seatbelts is to be commended!’
**This is not a serious invitation. Please don't shoot me.

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