Saturday, 7 January 2012

Photoblog: My Wellington Running Route

Today it is raining like a mofo here in Wellington, so here are some pics I took on a beautiful sunny day on my running route - it goes up over Mount Vic, then back round the bays to the city.

I was inspired by the film Yes Man* where Quirky Zooey Deschanel** takes a regular class in "jogging photography" - since then I've always thought about taking shots of my totally awesome running route in Wellington that is totally beautiful and amazing (when it's sunny). Finally on a gorgeous day in 2011 I took the opportunity, and here they are - there's even a little video of a Tui singing. (You'll be glad to know I didn't actually take blurry jogging photos.) These pics show off some of the awesome views from Mount Victoria, one of the many reasons I love this little city.

Enough with the talking, more with the pictures!

One last look through the trees at Wellington city

Onwards and upwards! And upwards...

Glimpsing the top

Little bit breathless on Alexandra Road, at the foot of the summit climb

View out over the airport through the trees

The sun, it shines!

The moon (on the left) and the Admiral Byrd memorial poking over the hill

Fresh clear sky, hills over to the East

Nice little shot showing the water, then Miramar peninsula, then water (out to Cook Strait), then the Rimutakas to the East

Cruising along the road, look back out over Miramar

Another view of the airport

Yet another shot of Miramar and the airport

And now for the downhill!

Saw a tui singing it's robot vocoder song. I stopped to take a little video:

Looking out over the airport

Lots more down

Out towards Soames Island

And suddenly, the Iranian Embassy. Where else. (This was the closest picture I dared take, I assume embassies aren't keen on photographers!)

Approaching the last downhill bit

Dropping out of the sunlight - for now

Dreamy blue colours

Giant lazy ripples on the harbour, and a guy on a kayak

Tip of Miramar peninsula and Soames Island, Lower Hutt in the distance

Look, the road! One last windy windy downhill bit. (Amazingly, this is an actual street. Houses are built on this slope and people live in them.)

Back on the flat. Cyclists are a regular feature on the bays

Some guy fishing, sails in the harbour

Round these parts, many people have their own little cablecar to get to their house

Sailing out on the water

Shag! Or cormorant. Hehehe...

Little plane coming into the airport

This sign about penguins is totally normal round here.

Another cablecar!

Shag and the beautiful water

Took a little detour - on this day, the tide was out and the water was still

Lovely view.

Same lovely view, bit closer to the ground.

Found the largest mussel shell I've ever seen

I like these shots where you can see the reflection and also what's under the water. Plus there's a bird!

Reflection #1

By the way, I totally stopped running for these pics so I could show you lovely things on my running route. So yes, it wasn't a proper run.

One last shot along the road


The little sailing club house, before...

Sunshine again!

Wellington is totally like Venice, only not

Another guy fishing

This is my kind of traffic problem

Blazing sun, sailing yacht

Oriental Beach

The jogging/cycling/rollerblading path along Oriental Bay

If I can, I like to run down on the beach through the surf. Live a little!

The sand isn't that great on Oriental Beach (they truck it in), and the harbour water is cold 11 months of the year. But it is pretty cool having a beach 5mins walk from the middle of town.


People enjoying the water

The whale tail sculpture

Freyburg beach

The cool little mural along the pathway

The grassy verges with pohutukawa trees - they remind me of platform games like Sonic and/or Mario.

The climbing wall/skate ramps, Waitangi Park is through the foliage to the right

And back to the city! Bats Theatre is on your left, straight ahead is Base backpackers, straight in front is the Welsh Dragon Bar, and the funny shaped building is Downstage theatre.

* This doesn't happen in the more awesome and hilarious book by Danny Wallace which you should read. You will die laughing, with urine-sodden underwear, at some of the pages in this book. Which is somehow a good thing.

** Let's face it, when is she not quirky.

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  1. I have nothing but happy feelings when I look at photos of Wellington. I got to live there! I am so lucky!

    And so are you for living there right now. I hope you figure out how to keep doing it.