Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Songs I've written - a stocktake

I’ve been writing songs for about 12 years, and it’s my main creative skill. I am alright on guitar, and my singing has improved over the years from “patchy” to “okay”, but my forte is putting a song together – whether it’s snappy lyrics that encapsulate an idea in a single punchy line, or just pumping out a catchy chorus that people like to sing along to. Sometimes it’s both.*

Being a self-archiver, and realising how crappy the human memory becomes over time, I thought I’d run up a list of all the songs in different eras/projects that I’ve either a) mainly/solely written myself, or b) co-written with other people.

This list is most certainly not 100% accurate - I’m just using my memory, and there might be cases where I co-wrote a song but have accidentally listed it as one of mine. Also remember that these are not the definitive collections for these projects (e.g. "Regeneration" by Jon Ruskin and "U.S. Army" by Jon Ruskin and Matt Langley in Liquid Idolator), and that in Liquid Idolator and F451, all the drums were written by the mighty Jon Ruskin, and almost all the basslines were written by Matt Langley**.

Songs are listed in no particular order, and only includes complete songs, although some have never been recorded and/or never performed live.

For some of you, this list will mean nothing, in which case just enjoy the song titles.

[denotes alternative title]
("co-written" can vary from music and/or lyrics shared, to just writing the backing music e.g. for Chiara LaRotonda)

Liquid Idolator (era: 1999-2002)
Music For The People
Tumour #5
Black Clouds (co-written with Matt Langley)
Teenage Vengeance
Symphonic Violence
Despair Calculus
Ride (instrumental/improvised)

Jez Kemp solo project #1 (era: 2002-2003)
Science Is Everything
My Degenerate Sun
Don’t Feed The Children Lies
Tear In My Eye
Isolate And Fragment
Chechnya (instrumental)

F451 (era: 2003-2007)
Not A Million Miles
Fighting Infection
Everything You Know Is Wrong
The New Empire (And How To Undermine It)
Don’t Change The Calendar
The Inequality Of Now
Morning Sun
Soundbite Artillery

Dead Flowers (co-written with Matt Langley)
The Digerati
Scene Junkies
Atheist Prayer
The Start Of The End Of The World
How To Describe Things
This Is It [Global Poverty Will Rise] (instrumental)
Intro [Hydrogen-Powered Doctors] 
Know Who You Are
{Fight Myself? Will not fight myself?}
Bass & Bombs
This Could Be Anywhere
We Are Youth


Jez Kemp solo project #2 (era: 2008-current)
Wind Tunnels (instrumental)
The Revoution Will Be Podcast (instrumental)
Marching On Trafalgar Square (instrumental)
Lighten Up, No Thanks
The Tsunami, The Tank & The Barcode
Shark In A Goldfish Bowl
Sunlight On The Cemetery (instrumental)
J-Lo Is A Rich Materialist Bitch And Represents The Block In No Way Whatsoever
Paedphile Immigrants Selling Drugs To Our Kids

We Wanted It [Great British Public]
Marr2 [Andrew Versus Johnny]
It’s Not The Wine … Or The Vodka … Or The Bourbon (instrumental)
When Robots Cure Cancer, We'll Talk
Boy With X-Ray Eyes
The Hype Of Yesteryear
We’re All Atheists
Human [Shit Spit Fight]

Big Black Hole In The Sky
The Sky Is My Mother
Surgery For Symmetry
I Brought Down The Average
5yrs + 45mins

If I Can Be Wrong, Maybe I Can Be Young

Jez Kemp & Chiara LaRotonda (era: 2011-current)
Winter Boyfriend (words & tunes by Chiara LaRotonda)
I Like Otters (words & tunes by Chiara LaRotonda)
Fake World (words & tunes by Chiara LaRotonda)

*I have fond memories of 1 or 2 gigs with whole audiences singing back songs like “Science Is Everything” or “Music For The People”, often largely unaware of the messages or ideas they were repeating. Good times.

**Unless of course I got shitty and demanded “NO this bassline MUST be like THIS”, which, let’s be honest, happened fairly regularly.


  1. In the conceptualisation stage: "Feelings" and "Booty Text" by Jez Kemp and Chiara LaRotonda!

  2. F451 Alchemy (this is Jon btw x)

  3. Ha cheers mate, could've sworn I'd included that!
    How come you're signed in as Pawsey? Are you having a sleepover?