Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Summer Solstice Sunrise December 2011

Happy new year! To kick off 2012, I'll start with a photo-post I meant to put up a couple of weeks ago - summer solstice sunrise from Mount Victoria summit in Wellington.

My friend Daniil and I have been climbing Mount Victoria to watch the sunrise every solstice, summer and winter, for 3 years running (that's 6 solstices). It doesn't get any more sane, but we are more used to the cold.

Thankfully this summer was the best yet - clear, bright and glorious. Click for larger versions and enjoy.

The trek up Mount Victoria usually looks like this - dawn has already begun, but sunrise is a little way off yet.

A shot of the Admiral Byrd memorial just down from the summit (and the moon)

And the cannon on the final steps up. Why not. (Plus moon again)

View of the cannon, car park and Pacific to the south. You can see the airport off to the left.

On the way up I found a huhu beetle, NZ's largest native beetle.

I think this fellow was on his last legs, but we had a quick photoshoot before returning him to get eaten by ants or a bird or something, circle of life etc.

Wellington pre-sunrise, wonderfully reddish sky.

Tony B catching that flat cloud out to the East.

You could have drawn the cloud with a spirit level - very flat, just below the tips of the hills thankfully.

Panoramic shot #1, pre-sunrise

The sky, it glows

Wispy clouds over Brooklyn hilltop turbines

The view out over the Miramar peninsula and Wellington airport

Sunlight on the hills!

The first rays creep through...


...the sun creeps up...

...and behold, the new season is upon us

Flooding the upper reaches with light

Another sun photo

And in portrait this time

Panoramic shot #2, post-sunrise


With the communications mast

The mast/pylon standing tall in front of the eastern cloud

The sun, it blazes

No solstice sunrise is complete without a spot of pinot noir, winter or summer

Me sporting my handmade scarf from Ethiopia (much thanks to my cousin's husband) and DIY unicorn jeans


A plane!

Wellington creeps into a new solar year

The Bluebridge ferry cutting through a very calm, still harbour surface

The sun is risen

Wellington encased in sunlight

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