Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shiny new website!

Behold, a shiny new Jez Kemp website! Hope you like it.

Actually it's more a re-vamp - all the content is still the same. But it looks a hell of a lot nicer.
  • White background instead of black
  • More bright colours (but still keeping within a theme)
  • No iFrames (I still like the idea of a central iFrame but it really had to go)
  • Clear layout, lots of space
  • Garamond font - it looked crappy at size 10, so I bumped it up to size 14.
  • Lots of happy embedded widgets and players
And well, it just looks a lot more fun.

The main change in substance are steps further taking it towards being a hub for content (videos, music, T-shirts etc.) rather than trying to be a website and do everything in its own right.

Some things that haven't changed:
  • Mini-sites for music and books are still there - the book sites have a future, but I'll be removing the music sites when I can track down all the internet pages that link to them.
  • Still good ol' HTML hand-coding, with all its flaws
  • Blog site is unchanged (for now)
  • This site still breaks 8351.7 rules of W3C, so you webmasters aren't allowed to go poking in the code, because you're guaranteed to find some horrors. Just try and be nice.
More generally, I'm aware that I'm still breaking a lot of good practice guidelines for web design, but I have my own reasons (e.g. visited links, bah humbug!) and at the end of the day it's a musician's personal website, with just 7 pages, not a corporate site that needs navigation.

I haven't checked if it works in Safari browser on the moon or on Opera 5.4.21 underwater with a hat on, but by gum it works in Internet Explorer at 800px screen width, and that's good enough for me.

There's always more to do - obviously the mini-sites that are staying need attention, and I'm hoping to re-do the site in Drupal at some point. And that blog feed is not what I'd hoped for - definitely in need of some thumbnails.

But for now I like it, I like it a lot.

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  1. Awesome! As I always say, if the t-shirt thing doesn't work out you could do some websites for people. xx