Saturday, 7 July 2012

Double music video premiere tonight + live stream

Hello there. Tonight I'm excited to be having a music video premiere for not 1 but 2 music videos I'm in: SUNSHINE, released as a single back in Oct 2011, and WINTER BOYFRIEND by International Economy, which is me and Chiara.

Same as previous video premieres, it's at our friends' place and we'll be streaming it live on the internet. So, you can watch us watching the videos, whether you're in the US, the UK, elsewhere in New Zealand, or just tucked up in bed sick here in Wellington.

International times are below - we are an international band, after all - you can watch by going directly to, or clicking in this magic player embedded right here:

Live stream videos at Ustream

I will have a whole bunch of shoutouts to make after the premiere when they are both online, so I'll leave those for now.

Hope you can join us. I am excited!
Jezo Kempo

NZ time (UTC +12)
First showing: 9:30pm Sat 7th
Second showing: 11:00pm Sat 7th

Melbourne, Sydney (UTC +10)

First showing: 7:30pm Sat 7th
Second showing: 9:00pm Sat 7th

Jordan summer time (UTC +3) First showing: 12:30pm Sat 7th
Second showing: 2:00pm Sat 7th

European Central Summer Time (CEST = UTC +2)
First showing: 11:30am Sat 7th
Second showing: 1:00pm Sat 7th

UK summer time (BST = UTC +1)
First showing: 10:30am Sat 7th
Second showing: 12noon Sat 7th

US Eastern summer time (EDT = UTC -4)
First showing: 5:30am Sat 7th
Second showing: 7:00am Sat 7th

US Pacific summer time (PDT = UTC -7)
First showing: 2:30am Sat 7th
Second showing: 4:00am Sat 7th


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That is all.


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