Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New music video #2 - Sunshine

New music video #2 is SUNSHINE! Before any talk, here it is - hit the settings button and watch fullscreen in glorious 1080 quality!
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At our double music video premiere on Saturday we launched Winter Boyfriend (free download here, see my previous blog post), and we also launched Sunshine (free download here), the single I released back in October.

Sunshine is one of my favourite live songs and recorded tracks, and it's great to bring it life in a video. The parts which stand out for me the most are from our days filming by the Listening Device on Druid's Hill in the botanic gardens (with me wearing make-up, my unicorn jeans and interrobang top), and getting up onto the (other) Mount Victoria lookout on the most amazing day with the most amazing sunny view of the whole harbour.

My first and biggest shoutout has to be to Fran Jago (@franfilmmaker), without whom this video would have been a series of pencil sketches made into a flipbook animation. We started on this video about a year ago and Fran has been a professional expert from planning to editing, putting up with my annoying demands the whole time too.

Another big thanks to everyone in the video - I think there's about 15 extras in the video, including my International Economy bandmate Chiara (be a fan of us on the Facebook!), other friends from other music videos, the guy in the bar, and roller derby referee Danger Danger + 3 unicyclists we happened to meet out while filming on the waterfront. Cheers guys, here's to many more.

The video looks amazing and I'm super stoked to have it up online and finished. Please watch it, share it, and download the song.

That said, excited as I am, it is another 5min epic music video and certainly took a long while to produce. So I might scale it back for the next one!

Next up: the album. Out Friday 26th Octobter. More soon.


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