Sunday, 8 July 2012

New music video #1 - Winter Boyfriend

Hello friends - last night we had a premiere for 2 music videos and it was awesome fun. Huge thanks as always to our friends in Aro Valley for hosting.

Here's the first video! "Winter Boyfriend" by International Economy (my indie-pop band with Chiara LaRotonda). Enjoy! Please do share it with your friends, and remember you can download the song for free from

It's a great fun little video with all our buddies in Wellington, and we're both really pleased to finally have it released. Huge thanks to everyone who's in the video and especially Jay and Daniil who produced it - and huge thanks to Chiara for being the original inspiration for the band and being a super cool friend.

If you watch the live recorded webcast from the premiere, you can see our cool little live acoustic set with some awesome songs - fast forward to 51mins 20secs.

Please be a fan of International Economy on Facebook and you can see and hear more of our cute indie-pop stylings.

Next blog post - Sunshine!
Thanks again
Jezmotronic (& Chiara)

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