Sunday, 14 October 2012

Airfix: The Album - Artwork, launch and informations

Well hello there. A long time ago I talked about my first full-production rock album, and even committed to a tracklisting. The time has finally come for it to be released.

The album art is finished: like the album title, and the album itself, it's semi-political but nothing too hardcore.  I'm no wizard with digital art, but I think the concept and execution both work, and they suit the album: clean, simple, bright. I like it.

The launch party is on Friday 26th October at Ye Wonderful Bar Medusa (Facebook event here), just like the other single launches. Also the same as my other launches, I've got 3 awesome musicians playing with me, the Cool Story Bros: Tod, Danny and Gareth from Throw It To The Fire. And the same, it's going to be WEBCAST. So, even if you're on the other side of the world, please log in and watch - international times to be posted here nearer the time. There's also some badass bands playing by the name of FIIN, Mangle & Gruff, and The Lucid Effect.

I still have a lot of mixing and mastering to do, but, the tracks are coming on and I'll be previewing them on the blog here before the day of release.

Looking back at that blog post, it's strange that it's taken another 2 years to get here - most of these songs will be 4 years old, although there are 1 or 2 newer ones. But during that time I've had 2 singles out, and I've been improving my mixing and mastering skills.

My first solo album Without Fear was a special case. As a collection of songs, it was all the things hanging around in my brain that couldn't or didn't make it to F451. As a production, it was a necessary experiment (using only webcam mic and acoustic guitar) because I was without access to electric guitars and drums. So, Airfix feels like my first "proper" solo album.

From that blog post, these things remain the same:

  • EVERY song is a tune. There are standout singles, and there are album tracks, and everyone will have their own favourites. But every song is goddamn tune that will get in your head.
  • It's like a mix of the Manics' "Everything Must Go" and Muse's "Black Holes And Revelations" - bright, big, British rock songs, with a few synths here and there.
  • These 12 songs have to be on this album. "Animals" is missing for a reason. "Hype Of Yesteryear" is missing for a reason. I have stacks of newer songs which are all queued up for later releases. This album is not a concept album, but I have had a very definite idea of what it should be for the last 4 years.
You will be able to make, mix, and edit the album yourself - eventually. There's a lot I want to do after the release, including releasing it on CD, making more videos, and uploading all the original files as an "open source album". But right now I'm just focusing on getting the recordings right.

The tracklisting may stay the same. But I'm tempted to switch 1 or 2 tracks over - we'll see. In the meantime, it still looks like this:
  1. I Brought Down The Average
  2. Lighthouses
  3. Sunshine
  4. Boy With X-Ray Eyes
  5. When Robots Cure Cancer, We'll Talk
  6. I Believe In Dinosaurs
  7. It's Not The Wine ... Or The Vodka ... Or The Bourbon
  8. Pre-Digested
  9. Shark In A Goldfish Bowl
  10. 5yrs+45mins
  11. Surgery For Symmetry
  12. If I Can Be Wrong, Maybe I Can Be Young
Musical success for me has always been hampered from 2 sides - being too mainstream for posers in the Punk Scene and Indie Scene, and being too punk/indie/passionate/political for the mainstream. Much as I love F451 and what we did, looking back, it was very narrow and I can understand why we struggled to gain more support than we did. So, having seen what my best friends have achieved with The Library Suits in making simply excellent indie rock music that appeals on a wide range of levels, I'm very pleased to have a release which is upbeat and hopefully has something for everyone.

Below are some close-ups of the album art (Facebook album here) - for all you geeks, it's done purely in vectors, so it makes me happy I can blow it up to any size I like.

Next week I'll post some tracks. If anyone has any requests for the first ones they want to hear, let me know. Some of you may know the songs, some of you might have to guess on titles alone, but I'm all ears if anyone has any preferences.

Jezo Kempo

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