Sunday, 28 October 2012

And that was an album launch (thank yous)

Wow. The launch for the new album was quite frankly an excellent night.
If you haven't already done it, go and download the album for free right now!

You can watch the live stream here - our set starts about 07:30

This blog post is split into 2 parts: huge numbers of thanks and shoutouts, but before that, some cool noteworthy things that were totally awesome:

  • Tod telling me, 2mins from starting, that his mum had text to say the live webcast was down. I found out my mobile broadband had run out of data. So I set my phone to be a wifi hotspot, and we livestreamed the whole set through my phone. Brilliant.
  • Breaking a string in the 3rd song, and matter-of-factly announcing I'd be changing a string during the song, and then doing it (14:30 in the live stream, rejoining at 2nd chorus 16:30)
  • Finding out my friends in Essex and Florida had been watching and got my shoutouts
  • Tod, Gareth and Danny for playing with me as the Cool Story Bros. We said the last one (Sunshine single launch October 2011) would be the last one; I'm super glad they decided to do one more gig with me. This one probably really is the last one. (Probably?)
  • Bar Medusa for being the coolest little rock venue in Wellington for 3 whole years
  • The other bands Mangle and Gruff, FIIN and The Lucid Effect who were all mint as always
  • Boyd for doing sound all night
  • Veli @HoccusFoccus for helping with recording, videoing and the live stream audio
  • Lenscraft Photography for taking some wicked pictures (including these here)
  • Miriam and Mel and Amber for helping out on the night and being awesome
  • Everyone who came and drank and danced
  • Everyone who watched online
  • Everyone listed in the album notes - as described here
Plenty more stuff from the album and launch night coming up, including live videos, CD release, etc. etc. But for now, I'm going to sleep. I may be some time.

Here's to the next album and/or launch?

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