Saturday, 6 October 2012

Please, I Will Go Where I Have To Go

This is a response blog post to my dear friend Theresa S. R. K. Qu. X. Ø. Щ. (Batman Symbol) Winters Esq. and her blog post "Please, Just Stay Where I Left You".

Dear Theresa, thank you for your concern.

1. I'm coming to see you next month. For 3 whole awesome weeks, I'm looking forward to the glorious Melbourne spring weather (I'll happily take hail the size of golfballs if it means other days that hit 25 amazing degrees.) So let's go out and see sunsets and do shots. THEN you can worry about me leaving.

2. All being well, I don't expect to leave Wellington (AKA Wellingtron, Wellingrad, Wellingtonia) until April next year. So you have another whole "summer" of putting up with my inane complaints about the weather.

3. I would really prefer not to go. But sad as I am about both Immigration NZ and my workplace's "computer says no" attitude to helping me stay in the country, I've had 4 amazing years here, and if I have to move on, then I have to move on. This is just how life goes, and the best thing for me is to see it as an opportunity to see new places and do new things. And besides:

4. Next year, my current plan is to head back to the UK (via Thailand - it's on the way, right?), then head back to Wellington (maybe via India?), before starting a working holiday in - um - where? MELBOURNE, gurl-friend. Yes, I've got over my fear of living in Australia, surrounded by dangerous animals and Australians. Besides, my understanding of Melbourne is that it's mostly full of New Zealanders anyway (most of them trying to make it in the music industry).
As I described in my last blog post, the best laid plans of mantises and manatees often go awry. But as you can see with my experience in Wellington - still here 37 months after I was originally going to leave - often this is for the best.

5. Regarding your other points:

  • Flatmates - I have some good flatties, they're not looking like becoming part of the EFN, but I don't see that as a problem. They are good guys.
  • Dating - If I ever find someone I really really like enough to - eugh - date, I'm afraid I can't guarantee they'll be pre-approved or someone you already know. On the other hand, if you trust me, you can rest assured that they'll be totally awesome.
  • Moving to a neighbourhood - well, I guess I'll have to face this when I come to Melbournia. I'm hoping I can enlist your help to get me settled into an awesome suburb, with cool people, not too far from the centre but not too far from greenery. (i.e. kind of like Mount Victoria.) So rest assured, you'll be involved here. Provided YOU don't go and move somewhere unapproved!
  • Changing jobs - to be frank, I'm just looking forward to my impending forced unemployment and T-shirt designing. But I assume I'll probably need to get a job at some point. I'll work that out nearer the time.
  • Getting "married" & having pink screaming goblins known as "babies" - Theresa, have you met me?

Rest assured T, I'm not done with a) Australasiocenia and b) being awesome quite yet.

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  1. HAHA! Read parts of that out loud to Anna (who's staying with me at the mo'). Hilarious. And all good points, my dear sir. Good points indeed.