Monday, 17 December 2012

Rules of Funemployment #1: Turn your alarm back on

Well hello again. Here I am, back in Wellington, back in New Zealand, and privileged to be unemployed out of choice (almost), rather than panicking and stressing like in my early years here.

Week 1 was excellent, however I've already realised I need to lay down some ground rules if I'm going to be vaguely productive.

So, I present to you, Rule #1 of Funemployment: Turn Your Alarm Back On.

On the last day of my holiday to Melbourne (note - holidays are not the same as funemployment), my alarm woke me up at 4:45am, so I could rush into the city and rush to the airport to catch my flight. (Which was delayed. Booooo.) So, the first thing I did when I got back into the country was put my alarm back to 7:00am.

Then, with great joy, the second thing I did was just turn it off completely. No alarms any more! Huzzah!

What followed this was a week of going out late, or staying up late home, or going out late then staying up even later at home. I averaged a waking-up time of about 9:15 and a crawling out of bed time at about 10:00. (My times were let down one morning by finishing reading The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M. Banks for about 4 hours straight, no toilet breaks. A good book will do that to you!)

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed it a lot. What I most enjoyed was getting 8 hours' sleep even if I got to bed at 1am. I'm not a natural night owl, in fact I'm quite often a morning person - I just find myself up late quite often, whether out having drinks or getting sucked into the internet. But I'm still a regular sleeper: I don't/can't nap, and I really do need/prefer 7-8 hours at night time.

But this isn't a long-term situation. Also, I have "work" to do (in the form of T-shirt designing), and I have lots of other things I want to do, such as recording and writing and crafting and so on. Which means while late, lazy mornings forever might be some people's idea of heaven, it's not something I'm willing to entertain, and it's simply not good for me anyway.

So, Rule #1 engaged. Alarm set for a decent but comfortable 8:00am. And hey, rules are flexible - just like getting into the office at a certain time is a rule, but no-one's gonna die if you rock up once or twice a bit later. The other good thing about setting an alarm is the incentive to get to bed at a decent time, which in turn keeps your day regular.

Will keep you updated with more rules, if/as/when I discover them. Consider me your friendly guide/canary in a cage to Funemployment.


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