Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rules of Funemployment #2: Get outside every morning

Well hello and welcome to 2013. Hope you all had a marvellous Christmas and new year (if you celebrate either of those at this time).

Even being funemployed, holidays still put you into holiday mode - partly because everyone around you is off work. One day when I was asked to go on a day trip to the beach, I had to remind myself to say yes (when I felt like pottering around at home) because I knew next week, everyone was back to work, and these chances won't come up again.

So in the spirit of motivation, here's Rule #2 of Funemployment: Get outside every morning.

Yes, that is every day.
No, that's not just eating your breakfast on the balcony.
No, morning does not extend after 12 o'clock.
Yes, you can combine it with outsidey things you have to do anyway, e.g. post a letter, go for a run, grab a coffee, etc.

Different people will find this rule useful for different reasons. Some people would laze around in bed all day if they could - Rule #2 gets you up and moving and Doing. Me, I end up on the computer most of the time - whether it's music, designing, writing, or just looking at pictures of Grumpy Cat - so this gets me off the machine and outside.

One of the benefits of funemployment is you can stay indoors on days the weather is atrocious, and go outside whenever it's sunny - not just on weekends. So this means that even on rainy days, it's not much of a tragedy to take a trip outside, look around at all the stuff in it, and get some lungfuls of real outsidey air. Even if it's just a quick trip to the park/waterfront/hill/wherever you like to walk around, it's better than vegetating around at home.

And the main reason it has to be morning? I thought about this rule before Christmas - I usually make an effort to get outside at some point during the day anyway. The problem is that if you leave it to the afternoon, it gets pushed back to the evening, and then it doesn't happen. Even if it's leaving the front door at 11:59am, at least that means it's ticked off the list, and you've got the rest of the day to do whatever.

Onwards with the Fun!

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