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500 T-shirts: My favourite designs [2 of 2]

Hello! This is the follow-up to Part 1 blog post about my own favourite T-shirt designs so far. You can see (and buy) all my designs here on Redbubble. Onwards!

Feeling Philoslothical

This is a new meme which has popped up - it's not that widespread, and maybe it won't ever go viral. But sloths are an awesome creature which have long been overlooked by the internet, and they deserve some attention. Huzzah for sloths!

Belgium Has Freedom!

Here's a fun design with a political background. There's an awesome video on the internet called "The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER", which is a scene from the TV show The Newsroom. Jeff Daniels' character goes on a monologue/rant to say why the United States is not the greatest country in the world - and includes the fantastic line, "Canada has freedom, Japan has freedom, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Belgium has freedom." For me, this struck a huge chord about the emptiness of much patriotism and nationalism. So this a political design, which is also a motivational T-shirt for Belgians.

Plesiosaur: End Nuclear Testing Now

The inspiration for this comes from the early Terry Pratchett book "Strata", where a terraformer (person who makes terrain for new planets) sneaks a plesiosaur into the fossil record, holding up a sign saying "End Nuclear Testing Now". The strange thing is, the book was published in 1981, but I've never seen a drawing made of this idea. Until now!

Unicorn Pegasus Zebra Seahorse

ALL the horses! All put together in one cute design. I may like politics and sci-fi and weird stuff, but sometimes I just make cute designs.

Phanezoroic Aeons, Eras, Ages

Let me take you to geeky town! I like replicating diagrams with an artistic or design twist. Here are the eras and ages that fall under the Phanerozoic aeon, which is the latest and current aeon in Earth's history. I really wanted to get the Pre-Cambrian on here too, but it basically makes the Phanerozoic look like a dot. I also wanted to include the Holocene epoch (our current and present epoch, the epoch of humans), but as you can see by the follow-up design, our little 12,000ish years are the tiniest little dot in comparison!

I Love Dinosaurs - T-Rex

This is the T-shirt which kind of started it all. It's not my very first T-shirt design, but it's from the first batch of designs (I <3 Insert Dinosaur Here) which were bought by complete strangers, through the internet, from somewhere else on the planet. This was a key moment for me in moving from making designs purely for my own music and books, to creating designs deliberately intended for T-shirts.

NZ Music Moth

This is an insect-related spoof of the distinct NZ Music Month design which is often seen on black T-shirts in New Zealand, especially around NZ Music Month itself (May, in case you were wondering). Huzzah for moths! Especially massive NZ moths!

I Survived The Rapture But Not The Raptors

One of my many rapture and apocalypse T-shirts. There was the rapture of May 2011, the rapture of Oct 2011, the Mayan apocalypse of Dec 2012 ... there will always be an end of the world coming up!

Where Do All The Calculators Go?

Inspired by a joke from the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf. I grew up with Red Dwarf, so it's very close to my heart. The context is that the service robot Kryten is being replaced by a newer model, but he is happy, because he believes in the robot afterlife. When challenged about this, he asks, well where do all the calculators go?

Mermaids Against Starbucks

Yes this design is satire/parody, but I like it mainly because it's silly fun!

Fainting Goats

Fainting goats was one of the very first videos I saw on the internet, back in 2005 (ish), before I'd even heard of Youtube. These days the internet is full of funny animal videos, but this was one of the very first of the modern internet age. So, I like this design for its origins, but also for its simplicity and effectiveness.


Straight out of my childhood. There are only a few colours and simple shapes, but they clearly convey 1) cute little rodents of some kind, and 2) iconic symbols of the Lemmings computer game, the red backpack (and blocks) and the red/white striped umbrella. Love it.

Pie and Pi Pirates

I have a series of Pi & Pie T-shirts - they've become like little characters to me! This is the design that kicked it off - a very simple pun on the words "pi" and "pie" and "pi-rate". I own a T-shirt with this design, and I find it funny how many people don't get it, because they assume there must be something clever or deep and meaningful that they're not getting.

Incidentally, a friend back in the UK got a tattoo of Pi Pirate, which I was over the moon about!

Backstreet Boys Questionnaire

This is a great example of an amusing text-only design. The thing about text is that while it's not as instant as a picture, people are curious - they want to read it. So hopefully, if you're familiar with the Backstreet Boys' "Everybody" (spin through to 2:17 for the lyrics), you and your friends and even random strangers will be chuckling away.

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor

A series of T-shirts based on the meme, "One does not simply walk into Mordor", a line spoken by Boromir (Sean Bean). The two ironies of the phrase are that 1) the hobbits did indeed just walk into Mordor, and 2) they should have just taken the damn flying eagles in the first place! On second thoughts...

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