Monday, 11 February 2013

500 T-shirts: My favourite designs [1 of 2]

I've recently cracked 500 designs on Redbubble, so I thought I'd show my personal favourite designs so far and give some background behind both a) these designs themselves, and b) my processes and thoughts behind designing in general. There's a good mix of fun, silly, serious, political, and surreal, and most of them are rather funny too - you can read all the blurbs or just enjoy the pretty pictures. Feel free to buy one too!

This is Part 1 of 2, here's the link to Part 2!

Never Get Involved In A Land War In Asia

A classic mash-up - the famous quote from The Princess Bride, mixed with the world map from the Risk board game. The phrase reminded me of Eddie Izzard's excellent sketch about Risk: "Cause, you know, playing Risk, you could never hold on to Asia. That Asian-Eastern European area, you could never hold it, could you? Seven extra men at the beginning of every go, but you couldn't fucking hold it." And lo, a mash-up was born!

Street Fighter II Dinosaurs

I've got a lot of dinosaur T-shirts, which is no surprise - however this and the first design stand out to me. Street Fighter II was a classic arcade game of my childhood - only playable on those huge hulking great arcade machines in shopping centres and bowling alleys - so it was a simple step to put dinosaurs in the position of the distinctive characters.


A classic example of a simple design, almost a logo, expressing something complicated and fun at the same time.

Superb Owl

This is one of 2 Superb Owl designs I've made (here's the other one). I'm rather pleased the Superb Owl meme is picking up. Owls enjoy sports too!

You And I Must Fight For Our Rights

This is a line from the amazing outro of the amazing Muse "Knights Of Cydonia" (which also has an amazing video). My idea was to host a series of rock nights raising awareness of human rights and civil liberties (in the UK and abroad) with this title and artwork. Unfortunately there was only one, but the design still stands by itself in my view: the twin hands of rock and revolution, crossed in unity.

International Economy "Winter Boyfriend" artwork

This was a combined effort from me and my awesome bandmate Chiara LaRotonda - together we are International Economy. We needed artwork for our song "Winter Boyfriend"; Chiara mentioned an idea she had, and lo! Photoshop did provide. It's cute and fun, just like the song, and one of my favourite musical art designs that I've made.

Do Androids Dream of Androids Dreaming of Electric Sheep? (Blade Runner vs. Android vs. Inception)

It's a 3-way mash-up! I love this design, because it takes things that one step further. You have the Android logo, dreaming of Android sheep (reference to Blade Runner and the Philip K. Dick book "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?"). But then it's all wrapped up in layers of dreams like Inception. So meta!

Dinosaur Riding Jesus

Turning an internet meme on its head! For many years, Jesus has been seen on the internet riding a dinosaur - so I thought it was time the dinosaur got a turn riding Jesus. With lasers, obviously.

Which One's The Lesbian?

This is a cracker with a good solid message. I'm very sad to say I haven't sold any of these (yet), but it's still one of my favourites.

So Once When I Was Six I Did (Pi film quote)

This one is inspired by the fantastic 1998 film Pi. The film is shot in a very interesting style, black and white, with many phrases and actions repeating through the film, including "Restate my assumptions" and the distinctive phrase above.

One Less Car (Squid)

A very silly design. Not really much to explain!

Nighttime Daytime Bird

Some of my designs are inspired by the world of Funny Videos I Saw On The Youtube, including this lovely diagram of Nighttime Daytime Bird's favourite game.

How To Overdose On Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a sham and a farce. The idea is that the more diluted a potion is, the more powerful it is (even when the active ingredient is no longer there, and it's just water). So this design is based on extending that idea to its natural conclusion - if you want to overdose on homeopathic "medicine", stand a long way away and take nothing at all!

Epic Mythical Creatures Chart

This is one of my most intricate designs and probably took the most amount of work - firstly in research, secondly in the re-working of the design through several different versions. It's not 100% watertight - you can read the full explanation and notes on the design's description - but it is a very comprehensive diagram of the component animals that make up mythical creatures and characters. Bizarrely, I got a comment from Dylan Carline, one of the designers behind this 2009 diagram here which inspired me to create a comprehensive mythical creatures chart.

More to come in blog post #2!


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