Thursday, 18 April 2013

Gay marriage legal in New Zealand. Awesome

Tonight the Marriage Equality Bill passed its 3rd & final reading into law in New Zealand.

This is just a quick blog post to a) inform anyone outside NZ who is not aware, and b) show how absolutely STOKED I am about this.

NZ is not a rich country and has lots of things wrong with it, but it is a modern and progressive and liberal society and today I am even more proud to have spent 4 and a half years here.

There is good reason it was recently called Most Free Country by the Fraser Institute in Canada and today underlines that fact.

New Zealand will join 11 other countries who have already legalised gay marriage: obvious liberal and well-balanced countries like Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium and Sweden, but some more conservative and surprising countries like South Africa, Portugal, Spain, and Argentina.

The UK and France have had legislation passed in their lower houses of parliament, and I look forward to the effect this will have on both countries' attempts to pass this law.

Some people will say, "Don't civil unions cover this? Why is this such a big deal?"
To which I would say, yes, why is it such a big deal?
As for civil unions, how many people do you think dream of getting "civil unioned" to the person they love?

It is important that we legalise gay marriage so that we can finally drag ourselves into the future, kicking and screaming and crying like the pathetic babies we often are, and consider ourselves decent human societies and wonder why this was such a big deal in 50 years.

I also look forward to seeing the effect it has in the United States, where legalising gay marriage seems to be the 3rd Most Difficult Thing In The World, after providing decent healthcare to everyone regardless of money, and restricting access to firearms which kill children.

Naturally I need to make some caustic joke about gay people finally being allowed the same boredom and sexless frustration that constricted, forever-and-ever marriage offers straight people.

And I am now going to RUIN a perfectly nice and pleasant blog post with my prediction that polyamory - the act of 3 or more people engaging in a committed relationship - will become increasingly discussed and divisive, and my hope that it too will be legal one day. But that discussion is for another blog post.

Ka pai, New Zealand. What a great day.

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