Saturday, 14 September 2013

30 Years Old

Today is my 30th birthday, and it feels pretty good.

On this blog I've mentioned my vague "5 year plan" at 20, and "running away" to New Zealand. I've mentioned my lack of financial stability, security, career. I've mentioned a lot of strange things that have got me here, to this day, back in rainy Chelmsford.

But life is good. I have freedom, agency and independence. I have my health and my mind. I have more genuine confidence and experience than I ever had. I have plans that take me back across the planet to old friends and new amazing places. I have countless amazing friends, old and new, who I'm so fucking grateful to have in my life, no matter how bad I am at showing it. I have just as many weird creative ideas as I always had, and I'm more able to make them real than ever.

Tonight I'm celebrating our 30ths with 2 other September babies, drinking out on the town, with silly hats and sillier behaviour. It's times like this I'm sad I can't get all my worldwide friends and family in one place.

But like the rest of my time back in England this year, it makes me more stoked than ever to be spending it with my old friends.

Here's to the next decade!

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  1. Happy Birthday and well done on the positive attitude!