Wednesday, 30 October 2013

5 little months in the UK

Well. The time has come for me to move again - to continue the crazy travelling year of 2013, and to replay 2008 when I left for another country.

I always knew this time back in England would be exactly what I needed. But I couldn't know any of the wonderful, magical details.

Here's my favourite bits of a lovely English summer:

- Summer solstice at Stonehenge
- Opening BAY DAYS festival at the Chelmsford Fleece
- Playing solo gigs for old friends and new
- EUROVENTURE 1 to Zürich, Strasbourg (+ Germany) and Paris
- Seeing Kiwi friends in Europe and London
- London, London, London.
- Visiting Bristol and seeing old uni friends
- EUROVENTURE #2 to Krakow, Slovakia, Budapest and Prague
- READING FESTIVAL. Brilliant, just brilliant.
- Broadstairs Folk Festival
- Going on lots of dates and making new friends
- Learning about the kink community
- Getting comments about my semi-Kiwi accent
- Volunteering at the Chelmsford night shelter
- Going on my uncle's narrowboat around Birmingham canals
- Spending time with UK mates and laughing so hard at everything
- Spending time with family.

And many more little things, and some secret things I can't mention.

It's been frankly bloody amazing.


  1. You can't mention 'secret' stuff and then not tell me what it is! I demand to be told when you're here in Australia.