Friday, 25 October 2013

Highlights from Suede last night

I think this is my first ever fanboy post.

I'm a huge Suede fan and have been since hearing Coming Up as a 13-year-old in 1996.

This year, one of my best nights out was going to a Bangkok electro/indierock club night, where they played 90s indie/rock/pop songs and all the young Thai people sang along to all the words, including "Trash" and "Film Star" by Suede.

Last night I got to see them in Southend, Essex. Bear in mind Suede were formed in 1989, had their best success in the mid 90s, and before this year's new album "Bloodsports" have not toured or released a single in 10 years. (The last time I saw them was December 2003 at the Bristol Academy, at the end of my first term at university.)

Here's the highlights, setlist below!

- They performed excellently, and Brett was ON FORM - seriously, imagine a 46-year-old grinding and wailing and dancing and swinging his mic over his head like he's 20 and pulling it off perfectly. Richard Oakes is a guitar wizard. Neil Codling looked pretty and sang like a girl, as usual. Tight as all hell.

- They played 8 songs off the new album, with such conviction that you almost forget half the new album songs aren't really that special. The other half are awesome and sounded even better. Go listen to "Bloodsports", it's almost as good as Coming Up.

- They played some unusual b-sides: "Killing Of A Flashboy", a cracker; a song called "Painted People" I'd never heard; and "Where The Pigs Don't Fly", for the first time since 1992 (and 2nd time ever!). They also played "By The Sea", which was nice for Southend, and "So Young" and "New Generation" without any doubt for a band who've been around 24 years.

- Favourite bits possibly Metal Mickey, Animal Nitrate, Trash, Killing Of A Flashboy, It Starts And Ends With You, and every time Brett went down to the front and sang with the fans.

- Only downside was the audience, who were vocal but low-key, which is to be expected for a provincial gig by a band whose age and fanbase are about 45. There was barely anyone under 30 there, and lots of nicely-dressed adults, girls in heels and rotund middle-aged men, all of whose pogo-ing days ended long ago. I can only imagine how much sheer FUN a gig in central London would be.

Super glad I got to see a great band back in the UK, especially after missing out on the first ever Manics Aus/NZ visit!

  1. (first time played since 1992)
  2. Encore:

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