Sunday, 20 October 2013

NO UP Trilogy Re-release Part 1: Print & websites updated

It gives me great pleasure to re-release my 2008-09 trilogy NO UP. NO LIES. NO NEVER. Go and check it out!

Some of you might know that I wrote a trilogy of books a few years ago. It's an epic sci-fi/fantasy/comedy adventure story, with sex, monsters, magic, telepathy and more, and it's one of the best things I've ever done.

It never got the full release it deserved, and this year I am changing that. Part 1 of that re-release is updating the print editions (which you can buy from my Lulu page) and the mini-websites which I have for them. These are live now. Huzzah!

Changes include:
  • Comprehensive editing and proofing - the story reads better, flows better, references are clearer.
  • Full story in HTML - the whole thing is available to read on the mini websites for free.
  • Websites simplified, clarified - the mini sites look much smoother, cleaner and nicer.
  • Updated artwork - the artwork for the printed books and logos, pictures etc. is now sharper, clearer and looks awesome.
  • Books released via Amazon - in a few weeks, these books will appear on Amazon. (But you should still buy them from Lulu because I make more money.)
  • Serif font - I replaced Verdana with Palatino in the printed books, and Times New Roman on the websites. (Except the title/about pages.) It looks a lot better and is much nicer to read.
So, please go and read it on the websites, and buy a copy (copies) if you like what you see! I promise you it's an exciting, funny, rock'n'roll adventure story with massive twists and a huge unexpected ending. Also, the world ends in the 2nd book! Enough said.

Part 2 - Hardback and eBook release

The next step is simple but big - release the trilogy as a single hardback book, and accompanying eBook.
  • The hardback will look BEAUTIFUL
  • The eBook will be FREE
I'll be doing this over the next few weeks (while I'm in Thailand and New Zealand) so this will be done and available by the end of the year.

Sadly, not in time for Christmas - so if you know someone who likes reading and enjoys sci-fi/fantasy/comedy/adventure, why not buy them the trilogy in the eye-catching individual colours?

Here are some other things that will happen:
  • Release on Redbubble - as well as T-shirts, photos and iPhone cases, Redbubble also hosts writing in a nice font on a nice blank screen. All 33 chapters and 2 interlogues will be going up, as and when, here on my Redbubble.
  • Blog posts - I'll be writing some descriptive and analytical blog posts on some of the themes and parts of the trilogy, including the (not-so-)weird names of people and places, and Noksalika's controversial soliloquys on beauty and shame.

I feel a bit strange, since it's work that should have been done in 2010 after the original releases. But, it's still very satisfying to see something you love achieve its potential, and it's great to have the trilogy read better and look better.

Below are the new one-piece covers for the 3 books. I hope you agree, they look pretty cool!

Keep looking out for updates, see you soon.
J-dog x


  1. As your Editrix, I can say: FANTASTIC NEWS! Everyone go buy a copy or three.

  2. Looking forward to, and intrigued by, the upcoming blog posts on the subject :) Splendid work Jezmond