Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Year In Cities and Countries

Wellington. We counted down the days and weeks not quite accepting that this time, it really did have to end. My cute beautiful love, one day maybe we will settle down together.

Bangkok, the sexy, dirty, messy girl. We've both grown in 10 years, both cleaned ourselves up a little bit. I enjoyed getting to know her properly this time, getting a feel for her real character.

England. We met in sadness, knowing that she is still in a bad place, and it's still not right for us to be together. But it was good to see her again, and spend time together, and catch up.

Chelmsford. Warmer relations. We knew we were never right for each other from the start, and yet we share too many friends, family and history to be truly apart. I quite enjoyed seeing her. It's good to see she has grown too, more interesting and more relaxed than she used to be.

London is the only homosexual relationship I've ever had. He is my comrade, friend, brother, wingman; sometimes he lets me take the driving seat and feel awesome, other times he makes sure I know I'm his little bitch. We're still not yet ready to live together, but I love spending time with him, and learning from him too.

Bristol. It is silly of us to pretend it could ever be like old times, and yet there's always that memory, always those 3 university years in the back of your mind. We played and ran and drank, and I'll do it again easily.

Europe oh Europe, my bountiful, voluptuous mistress. It's so good to spend time with her again, to cuddle at her curves and laugh and play. She is a magical cherub and a dirty dominatrix all at once and I love it.

Z├╝rich is a respectable, older lady, so it was a privilege to meet her on a rare weekend where she let herself go, drunk and wild; it was a thrill to share her with so many people all at once.

Strasbourg. She is mature and stunningly beautiful; dignified. She is neither in the mood to own or be owned. It's hard to imagine us living together, or even engaging in a little debauchery, but it would be enjoyable to share a wine with her again one day.

Paris is a stinky, sexy, chain-smoking bitch who is as cultural as she is cynical. I like her; I don't know if she likes me. It was a flying visit, more intellectual foreplay than anything else. But maybe one day we'll explore a bit more of each other.

Krakow destroyed me again and I loved it again. She is complicated and not 100% loveable, but wonderfully fun and unstoppable.

Slovakia is a curious, beautiful girl. She is fresh and dirty, fun but reserved, clever and mostly respectable. We shared just a few lovely days and many more drinks.

Budapest destroyed me in a mere 40 hours. At least Krakow noticed me; I felt Budapest, with her labyrinthine bars and wild history, merely brushed me aside. Next time.

Prague is the woman from everywhere who has everything. She is mature but exciting, young but wise, cultured, smart and sophisticated. I could live with her, so easily.

Chiang Mai is also pretty and cultured. She is still a mystery, but I find myself curious about living with her, for just a few months. Why not?

And finally Luang Prabang, the Asian jungle river girl with history and a modern French twist. I don't know if any relationship between us would even be allowed, but I was enchanted enough to want to see her again.

So, that's that. I'm back with Chiang Mai right now. I'll be sharing a beer with Bangkok soon, and I'm very much looking forward to sharing a coffee or 3 with Wellington again.

And at the end of 2013, waiting patiently with her hair done and a bright smile, is Melbourne. I'm excited.


  1. I loved this so much I tweeted it.

    1. Thanks T! I think this is a rare combination of "twee" and me still being me. And it's all true as well :)