Friday, 3 January 2014

Hello Melbourne - The intoxicating promise of a new city

Happy new year kids, and greetings from Melbourne! This city is located on New Zealand's West Island, also known as "Australia" for the purposes of immigration and dangerous wildlife.

Thanks to Australians getting only 1 day off for New Year (unlike true Kiwis, who get 2), my Day 1 in Melbourne was the first day of a spanking new year. And it's summer!

You see, I've gone and done it again. I've disappointed my family and friends and moved to a new country. Partly because me and the UK aren't ready to settle down yet - we still need to see other people - but same as 2008, largely for the sheer blind hell of it.

The difference this time is Melbourne is a big city. It's far bigger than Wellington. It's even bigger than Bristol where I went to university. And walking up and down sun-drenched streets listening to old-school Tsar and smiling at all the cool/interesting/sexy/weird people, I can taste the intoxicating promise of the big city again.

So many bars to hit.
So many coffees to drink.
So many beautiful people to meet/kiss/fuck/be awesome friends with.
So many stages to rock out on.
So much culture and events and life.

The temptation is to believe you can own it, that you can learn it and encompass it and make it your bitch and say "I'm king-queen-master of this city, I know everything there is to know".

That is a lie. It's too big to eat. It changes too fast to be described.

But that doesn't stop me being hungry.

Here's to a new city to rip into, and a new year, and whateverthefuck comes with it.