Sunday, 16 March 2014

"I Believe In Dinosaurs" radio mix 2014
Here's a new mix of "I Believe In Dinosaurs", free for you to enjoy. Download & share, blah blah blah!

Back in the UK last year, I asked bedroom-pop-rocker and Library Suits bassist/songsmith Matthew Langley (AKA The Captain What) if he could produce a radio-quality mix/master of "Dinosaurs" in return for payment of fancy cider and takeaway. His response, and I quote, was:
"Sure thing! Let's just - oh what, we have to use YOUR software and plugins? Or LACK OF, I should say... What is this? Why is this peaking? Did you record this with a spatula? Mumble mumble mumble..."
The goal was to get a mix of Dinosaurs which wasn't just good enough for watching the Youtube video with laptop speakers, but that I can send off to US college radio, Aus radio, reviews and other places for some promotion.

While this mix/master lacks the - uh - optimistic character of the original Dinosaurs single mix, or the youthful exuberance of the Airfix Democracies mix, it is far cleaner, clearer, higher-quality, and just flat out better.

It's not perfect of course - we didn't finish the vocals in our final session before I left to score drugs (cough drugs, sleep drugs, etc.) in Thailand. So I've made a few tweaks myself, which include dropping the rhythm guitars about half a dB and pushing my vocals up by the same amount. It IS a pop song, after all!


  1. Oooops, typo in the lyrics:
    "When you digging in the rock face"

    Should be 'you're', ja?

    Can't wait to hear this on the radio!

  2. Thanks T, actually it's "you go digging" - corrected now :)