Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Melbourne, Spring, and Plans

This weekend the weather exploded into Melbourne like a bomb of warmth and sun.

No-one is fooled, least of all me - this pleasant weather was a signal, a marker for spring. "You are now entering a period of fuckery. You have been warned."

Simultaneously, I've had some changes too:
  1. I've started work at Government Department Y, with flexible hours, decent pay, nice people and interesting work; and
  2. I have moved to Fitzroy, the hipster centre of the universe and/or Melbourne, with my dearest friend and editrix @desdrata; and best of all
  3. New Job is 8 minutes walk from New House. Huzzah!

Both the job and house are temporary. I'm already looking ahead to December, when my visa expires and I get on a plane to live in Chiang Mai for 6 months.

Then in June 2015, I will finally return to the UK and London - just as I intended in October 2008, getting on that plane to NZ.

London really is the next stop. And the Southern Hemisphere dream will be over. (For now.)

Things always look more exciting from the outside. I learnt this in my UK band F451. While we crashed and burned in bleak depression at the feeling of getting nowhere, our friends and fans - still growing, right to the end - thought we were succeeding and doing great.

So the same with my life, I think. I have this impression everyone thinks my life is more exciting than it is ("How's travelling going?!" "Um, I have a flat and a job..."), and think that I am a more exciting person than I am.

Sure, it's fun joking around and playing the role of an international indie-rock hero, especially when hot girls are listening.

But the fact is I'm very boring and safe and middle class. I'm just being middle class in another English-speaking country.

So these plans are neither part of some fabulous grand life plan, nor are they spontaneous whims of a "true adventurer". I sketch out where I'll be in the next 2-3 years, but no further, and if things change, that's fine. At the same time I nail down what I'm doing the next 6-12 months based on opportunities and circumstances. That's how I roll.

I would love to stay another year in Melbourne, but that is not possible.

I decided early on I would not spend 3 months slaving away unpaid on some buttfuck-nowhere farm for a 2nd working holiday visa - and the stories I've heard have confirmed that decision was right for me.

Australia's agriculture industry, and the crutch of free/cheap international labour it relies on, are absolutely fascinating. But breaking my back picking apples 8 hours a day is not something I'd enjoy.

I also made the decision not to slave away searching for a job offer where they would and could sponsor me for a visa. My lack of specific skills makes it difficult, and my life has taught me that job hunting is a humiliating, degrading experience - so desperately searching for a visa and a job would be twice as soul-destroying.

Maybe I'm not confident or ambitious enough in the right ways. Plenty of people get jobs and visas on just a wing and a prayer, especially here in Aus, where they give you a chance if they see you're good enough.

Or, maybe, I just can't be bothered wasting my life in ways that make me unhappy.

This is especially true when I have a perfectly decent Plan B. And as 2013 showed, Plan B is not just workable, but it is rapidly turning into Plan A And A Half.

Why Thailand? Well, the living costs are low, and I can spend a few months building my design work, along with developing some initial skills in 3D designing and web development. Also I know Thailand, a bit, and I feel comfortable in the parts I have been.

As I blogged last year, Chiang Mai is a wonderful liveable city where digital nomads and other farangs (white people) are choosing to live, even for a short time like me.

So these are the things and this is the news.

Right here right now, I have a new house, a new job, some cheap jewellery that looks fucking great on me, spring is around the corner, and I want to go on dates with beautiful girls and drink fancy beer.

Let the good times bacon roll.

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  1. Yay! I know your last few months in Melbourne are gonna RAWK. Only sad I'll be missing out on living with you for October. You should stay a bit longer in December to maximise enjoymentitudery.