Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New Album: Name change + Video news + Artwork

Ahoj! Kia ora! Sa bai dee! and Hello!

Another album announcement and I'm pretty excited. Yes I'm always excited, but now I have reasons.

Video news! Artwork news! Name news!


The album will now be called SCANDALOUS HEART, taken from the song "Sagittarius A*" about the supermassive black hole at the (scandalous) heart of our galaxy.

Changing it felt strange at first - I grew to like the working title "Cultuur Sugoi" - but I realised that it wouldn't even mean anything to my closest friends and fans, never mind new people I want to hear it.

SCANDALOUS HEART connects the space theme with my heart/flames artwork as a core part of the album. And like "Without Fear" and "Airfix Democracies", it's a line from a song without an obvious meaning, but an important connecting thread.

Let's continue the space theme!


Last week I had a great time filming with Melbourne's Obsessive Music in an awesome abandoned factory betwixt inner Melbourne and spider-addled rural Victoria.

The video is for "Big Black Hole In The Sky", as one of the lead songs for the album, and I had a great time glamming up and drawing planets and moons on my face in eyeliner.

Here is a pic showing me in my skirt - the 2nd shoot I wore my dress - editing has begun already - it's going to be great!


Finally you'll be as stoked as I am to see the final album artwork, which will be very close to the design below - again sticking with the space/stars theme.

It's not what I first imagined but I love it. There'll be lots more art pieces to come, using my own photography from my time in New Zealand and Australia, including individual artwork for each song (just like Airfix Democracies).


Still lots of work to do but I'm having a great time recording bass & singing my heart out.

There'll be 1 more announcement before it goes live, then maybe another one when the album and video are both live. Like I say I hope that's not too intrusive.

This mailing list is the first place for news so keep watching your inbox around early November for the next exclusive update!

Catch you soon and keep in touch :)

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