Thursday, 1 January 2015

My To-Do List For 2015

It's a good thing I never compare my achievements of the year with last year's to-do list. I always bite off more than I can chew and it would make accomplishments look like failure.

The surprisingly straightforward 3rd album
I do waste a lot of time, and I constantly feel like I should be achieving more. But maybe we all feel like that?

Anyway, since diarykeeping + blogs = oversharing, here's what I did this year:
  • Moved to a new country and learnt a new city
  • Made heaps of new designs and expanded my web presence
  • Wrote, recorded and released a new album (plus artwork)
  • Developed Photoshop skills including automation and batch processing
  • Got into my stride with kink
  • Moved house 3 times and found 2 good jobs

The Bourbon Espresso!
It's literally a shot of bourbon and a shot of espresso.
Obviously I did heaps more than this, but "drinking lots of mochas" and "inventing the bourbon espresso" don't quite meet the threshold for major achievements.

2015's to-do list, however, does include lots of details. This is both good and bad.

Here for example are some of the "small but necessary" things:
  • Finally finish and re-release NO UP (really, it's been 5 years since it came out)
  • Finally complete archiving my old band F451 (seriously, we broke up 7 years ago)
  • "Do more gigs" (important but vague)
  • Read 5 good books (a tiny number, but still more than I read this year)

And so on. These things are shitty, precisely because they are so achievable - doing them is barely an accomplishment, but NOT doing them brings shame and fury from the self-police.

So really, this is the important list, the big stuff. I want to:
  • Move back to England, from Australia, via Thailand
  • Get a job in London
  • Move to London
  • Make a charity T-shirt design every month
  • Save more
  • Start a part-time masters
  • Learn Illustrator
  • Learn basic programming
  • Make a basic app
  • Start a business
Easy, right? Can't be too hard.

Anyway New Zealand has literally, this minute, celebrated 2015. Happy new year New Zealand!

And happy new year to all of you. Thanks for being awesome, please make the world a better place in 2015.

Jezo Kempo x


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    1. RE-released bro! So, whole thing's been out for ages. But hardback, not yet...!