Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Horned Warrior Friends web comic: The Story So Far!

Meet my little buddies Unicorn, Triceratops, Rhino and Narwhal. Together they make up the Horned Warrior Friends!

The Horned Warrior Friends
These guys have evolved from a simple joke on a T-shirt - Unicorns Vomit Rainbows, Rhinos Vomit Greyscale - into a fun and cheeky webcomic with fabulous characters, bright colours and deadpan humour.

They already have a Facebook page (look for Horned Warrior Friends) and I'm hoping to set up a new blog dedicated to their adventures and silly jokes.

But for now here's the story so far, by which I mean, all the comics so far.

Where it all started!
Remember you can get all of them on a print, T-shirt, mug etc. at my Redbubble page!

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Unicorn and Narwhals at Triceratops Party


Noah Is A Total Jerk (Unicorn Narwhal Evolution)


We Ride At Dawn


Communicorn's Alignment


Penguicorn Insurrection


Llamacorn and Alpacacorn: They Fight Crime


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