Sunday, 15 May 2016

6 months in London: Exams over, roll on summer

Every time I move to a new country, it takes me 6 months to get my head round it. During that time I'm excited but also very stressed - trying to process so many new things, from new phrases to new maps, new ways to get from A to B.

In New Zealand, it was all mixed up with a) the excitement of being in a new country, and b) the impotence and fury of job hunting and temping.

In Australia, it was freaking out on the dark, giant deserted streets of the "inner North", baffled at how spread out Melbourne is and how everyone is absolutely fine with that.

London has been no different. Despite being born here (6-year-old Jez: "Why does everyone in East Ham support West Ham?"), despite re/acquainting myself in the summer of 2013, it was madness when I moved into a new house + started a new job in the same weekend 6 months ago, and it's been madness since then.

But the madness has eased, a bit, and I'm feeling happier about what's going on. Despite the rent going up and a change of housemate, I'm feeling relatively secure in my house - I can be confident that I'll still be here in 6 months' time, hopefully more. My job at Bureaucracy K is still not secure, despite doing a key role and being extended twice, but I'm less anxious about it than I was.

And finally, the cold has fucked off.

I'm not even kidding. The whole of April I wore my winter coat. I know full well from before leaving the UK that spring isn't warm. March is always bitterly cold. April is usually crap. But it's not usually freezing cold right into May. Finally we've just had a week of warm summery weather, which I'm certainly happy about, but even more excited - I can physically relax - now that the cold of winter has finally fucked the fuck off.

This week I had my uni exams, which went about as well/badly as I'd expect for taking no time off work to revise. Lessons learned for next year hopefully. But I'm now free from what feels like second job, and very excited to have some time again to do creative things I've been putting off - new music, long overdue book edits, website updates, etc.

Also looking forward to things like dates, gigs, rum, parties, weddings, and all the nonsense of summer. Bring it.



  1. Lovely to hear, Jez. You enjoy yourself now, y'hear?

  2. "long overdue book edits" :D

    Nice pictures, lad. Except for that last one.

    Hope I get to see plenty of you over summer!