Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Very Lemon Curdmas

Hello! Just a quick update. This weekend, the Lemoncurd Kids hosted a Christmas party gig at the Bassment in Chelmsford to cap off a wonderful year where they released their debut album and won best band at Chelmsford's PANIC Awards.

I was very grateful to be invited to play, and had a great time playing to old friends and some new faces. Since it was a festive party gig, the set was pretty much the Jez Kemp Greatest Pop Smash Hits, but it was nice to also bust out a new song "Liars Will Tell You The World Is Simple".

It's also one of the most fun sets I've played in ages - gigs are always easier and more relaxed when you can have a laugh and joke with your mates in the front row.

The other bands Zen Motel and Creme de Chevre were punk AF and amusingly ridiculous respectively, and it was great to see old time Chelmsfordian Dave Moriaty play a solo set.

It's fair to say that a new city, busy job, doing my masters and starting a new relationship has meant that this year I've done less writing, recording and performing than I'd hoped. But I'm 12 months into this crazy global mega-city now - so familiar and yet always so very very new. So I'm looking forward to being more productive and playing new places with new people in 2017.

And in some respects, the less said about 2016 the better, right?

Hope you're well, friends in UK NZ Aussie and All The Countries, and a very Lemon Curdmas to you all.


Photo by Jemma B


  1. Cracking picture, looked like a fun night.

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